VOSS and LayerX partner up to improve UC management

One of the hardest enterprise applications to manage is Unified Communications (UC). Voice and video used to be fairly straightforward. Dedicated infrastructure, cables and endpoints ensured the quality was high and the system was simple to manage but was highly inefficient and costly.

UC solutions are now software platforms running over IP networks, and the endpoints are connected over wired or wireless infrastructure. Users are no longer located in a single building and are constantly on the move. Adding to the complexity is virtualized platforms and cloud-delivered services. These many moving parts makes managing UC difficult, if not impossible, with legacy management tools. 

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Earlier this month VOSS announced a global partnership with LayerX Technologies to make managing UC environments easier. For those not familiar the two companies, LayerX Technologies is a service assurance vendor that takes data into its platform, runs it through its analytic engine and provides actionable insights. The LayerX solution is used by a wide variety of IT groups, including security, network operations, application managers and UC engineers. 

VOSS is one of many UC management vendors, but it specializes in service fulfillment for complex, large-scale deployments. The company generates and stores data to help customers provision services faster, understand utilization, remediate licenses and a number of other tasks through a single point of glass. 

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