The most important vendor most haven’t heard of

Most businesses aren’t aware of who BroadSoft is, but if they use a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provider, they are likely using BroadSoft’s services. The company provides the building blocks for service providers to build cloud-based communications services such as voice, video, web conferencing and now team messaging and contextual services. 

Customers of BroadSoft are a veritable “who’s who” in the telecom world, including Verizon, Comcast, Vonage and Orange. Service providers have sold over 15 million BroadSoft seats, so the company may be the most important vendor that most businesses have never heard of.

Powered by BroadSoft branding initiative 

At BroadSoft’s annual user conference (Connections) last week, the company announced an initiative called “Powered by BroadSoft” where a service provider can carry the tagline as part of its branding. For example, Verizon could advertise “Verizon One Talk,” which is built on BroadSoft technology, as “Powered by BroadSoft.” Of course, this is meaningful only if customers care and believe the built-on-BroadSoft service is better than a non-BroadSoft service. 

Typically most customers don’t have much of an opinion about the underlying technology of something they buy. Do people know which camera or CPU is in an iPhone or which servers Amazon uses to build its cloud platform? In general, no, but there have been a few exceptions where the technology branding mattered. 

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