Clickbait and the Avaya feeding frenzy

A friend I respect a great deal once told me that using Latin makes you sound smart. So, here I go, consciously throwing the term horror vacui your way.

Horror vacui is a concept originally from Aristotle that, according to Porter, ‎Park ‎and Daston, “By the thirteenth century, scholastic writers were beginning to attribute to nature … a kind of force by which nature resists allowing a vacuum to form.”

Something of this character seems to be happening as people rush to fill the void of no official news about the current business challenges Avaya faces. In absence of any real information, a narrative has evolved in the past several weeks that has not been positive.

What might be seen as a minor media feeding frenzy began the day before the United States’ Thanksgiving holiday when the Wall Street Journal published the brief article Avaya Weighing Bankruptcy Filing, Sale of Call-Center Software Unit. Matt Jarzemsky quoted unnamed “people familiar with the matter” as saying bankruptcy is one of several options the company’s principal stakeholders might be considering to deal with the firm’s well-publicized financial struggles.

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