Beyond 911: Other N-1-1 codes you should know

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) establishes what telephone numbers exist. It would be safe to say that most people know and understand that the short code of 911 will connect callers with police, fire or medical services in the event of an emergency. But did you know that there are seven other numbers, arguably as important?

N11 numbers, or telephone short-codes, provide callers quick and simple access to other special assistance that may be needed without tying up emergency services resources and phone lines.

Usage of these codes is established by the Federal Communications Commission based on use defined by the NANP Administrator, and is as follows:

  • 211—Community services and information 
  • 311—Municipal government services 
  • 411—Directory assistance*
  • 511—Traffic information 
  • 611—Phone company repair*
  • 711—TDD and Relay for the Deaf 
  • 811—Underground public utility location
  • 911—Emergency services (police, fire, EMS)

*Note: While 411 and 611 are reserved, they have not been officially assigned by the FCC.

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