Avaya powers the hockey Mecca: Montreal Canadiens’ Bell Centre

In the sports world there is no team more revered by its city than the Montreal Canadiens. With all due respect to Green Bay Packer, New York Yankee or New England Patriots fans, you don’t know the absolute die-hard devotion of a Canadiens supporter. The team has also had an unparalleled level of success in North American sports with 24 Stanley Cup Championships and an equal number of players in the recently released NHL’s top 100 players of all time

The home of this storied franchise is the Bell Centre in downtown Montreal. When one walks into the building, its easy to understand what “Canadiens tradition” means, as there are reminders of the legends who played for this franchise and the promise of future greatness, which is why the fans come out in droves no matter what. Through success and failure, good times and bad, the seats always sell out. 

Canadiens Hockey Club

Pierre-Eric Belzile, vice president of information and communication technology, Bell Centre and Candiens Hockey Club

How does the Bell Centre provide an experience worthy of the devoted fan? What’s needed is an experience that greatly enhances being in the stadium and impresses the patrons as much as the hockey team does. This can be quite a challenge for any entertainment venue, but the Bell Centre has another challenge: It has only one network professional to manage all of its systems. 

This past weekend, my lovely wife, Christine, and I visited the Bell Centre and experienced all it had to offer and watched the home team take on the Washington Capitals. Prior to the game, I got a behind-the scenes tour of the facility by Pierre-Eric Belzile, vice president of information and communication technology for the Bell Centre and Canadiens Hockey Club. As I mentioned earlier, he is the sole individual in charge of network and communications infrastructure and understanding how to use it to improve the fan experience. 

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