Windows Server 2019 embraces SDN

When Windows Server 2019 is released this fall, the updates will include features that enterprises can use to leverage software-defined networking (SDN).

SDN for Windows Server 2019 has a number of components that have attracted the attention of early adopters including security and compliance, disaster recovery and cusiness continuity, and multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud

Virtual-network peering

The new virtual networking peering functionality in Windows Server 2019 allows enterprises to peer their own virtual networks in the same cloud region through the backbone network.  This provides the ability for virtual networks to appear as a single network. 

Fundamental stretched networks have been around for years and have provided organizations the ability to put server, application and database nodes in different sites. However, the challenge has always been the IP addressing of the nodes in opposing sites.  When there are only two static sites in a traditional wide area network, the IP scheme was relatively static.  You knew the subnet and addressing of Site A and Site B.

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