Will networks and security converge in 2017?

Bold predictions are in order at this time of year. Zeus Kerravala looked into his crystal bowl for the networking space, and Taylor Armeriding did the same for security. We went rummaging through our fortune cookies and came up with this Yoda-like one for 2017:

Security shall networking become.

What did that really mean? Our Yoda translator was of no help. Could networking replace security (or vice versa) in 2017? Should CIOs and CISOs prepare themselves for the inevitable assimilation (head nod to you aging Trekies)? How should, then, security and networking personnel prepare themselves for the inevitable onslaught?

We had our own ideas, of course, but we want to see what others thought, as well. So we chased down a few SD-WAN vendors for their input at the end of galaxy (killer delay, but no black holes, packet loss and awesome, optimized routing shortened the trip). We also unearthed a few CIO zombies from the ‘80s (needed someone who might have met Yoda) to help figure out this ominous premonition.

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