VMware: Cloud-centric businesses need a cloud-centric network

It’s May, and that means all the April showers we had will soon bring spring flowers. April and May are also busy conference months, as many vendors host customer, partner, or analyst events. This week, it was Dell’s turn as the company held its first-ever Dell Technologies World. Dell has obviously had other user events before, including Dell World and Dell-EMC World, but the naming of this one is indicative of how Dell is now one company and there’s better product and go-to-market integration between Dell, EMC and VMware.

VMware introduces Virtual Cloud Network

As expected, much of the news at the show revolved around Dell Technologies compute products. But the network got some love, as well, when VMware announced its Virtual Cloud Network, which is the coming together of many of its network assets, including NSX and VeloCloud. The Virtual Cloud Network can be thought as an agile network and security overlay that acts as a “fabric” for digital businesses that connect apps, data, and users to each other regardless of where they are located.


During his keynote, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger (pictured above) talked about the difference between traditional IT and what IT needs to do to power digital businesses. Current IT models focus primarily on on-premises infrastructure, and despite the tight control, change management cycles are long and security is a challenge. Today apps and data are scattered everywhere, making running and securing the network even harder, and legacy operating models are holding companies back.

The network needs to evolve into a flexible, secure and programmable fabric

The current network architecture has been in place now for over 20 years, and it’s VMware’s thesis that the industry needs a new approach to networking that can be in place for the next 20 years. This requires a network that is flexible and programmable with integrated security and can deliver services anywhere apps and data are. VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network is the architecture that fulfills on this vision. The NSX portfolio now includes the following:

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