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During the past three decades, we have seen a monumental growth in networking technology. From RFC-1163, which describes the beginnings of BGP in 1989 to the cloud and software defined networks of today, our voracious appetite for bandwidth and services have begun to outpace the networking industry’s ability to deliver.

I remember when I had my first “broadband” – and I use that term loosely – circuit installed at my house. It was a 128kbps ISDN line from my local telco. Since it was 1996, I was riding high compared to everyone else using 28.8 kpbs modems to access the internet. Today I have a 1Gbps connection that allows me to stream 4k video from multiple providers. In roughly 20 years, my consumption of bandwidth has increased 8000%!

So, what is enabling this current round of growth and expansion? It boils down to two distinct items:

  1. New and emerging technologies
  2. Software is the new hardware when discussing networking

In the past few years we have seen a rapid rise in everything SD (Software Defined). We have also begun to see extensive work being handled by the IETF to define the new technology standards that will carry us into the future. Let’s look at these advancements.

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