Silver Peak’s new SD-WAN makes the thin branch a reality

It seems that with technology, when we deploy something new, our first instincts are to make it look like the old thing. Then, at a later date, smart people figure out how the new thing can actually do something different.

For example, the first Windows applications had a very DOS-like look and feel to them. Eventually the good folks at Microsoft created an ecosystem that gave us an entirely new way of working. I suppose this path creates the least amount of friction for people, as they can ease themselves out of the old way.

Another example is with software-defined networking (SDN) and SD-WAN. The initial wave of solutions was really about replacing MPLS with broadband to save money. Architecturally, everything stayed the same, but the circuits connecting the branch to the data center were augmented with or replaced by broadband, which brought the cost down and created a more efficient network.

That begs the question: What is act two of SD-WAN? What’s the thing that SD-WAN let’s us do that we couldn’t do with legacy networks? The answer lies in branch redesign, and last week Silver Peak introduced a new product to help customers with that task. 

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