Data center management: What does DMaaS deliver that DCIM doesn’t?

Data-center downtime is crippling and costly for enterprises. It’s easy to see the appeal of tools that can provide visibility into data-center assets, interdependencies, performance and capacity – and turn that visibility into actionable knowledge that anticipates equipment failures or capacity shortfalls.

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools are designed to monitor the utilization and energy consumption of both IT and building components, from servers and storage to power distribution units and cooling gear.

DCIM software tackles functions including remote equipment monitoring, power and environmental monitoring, IT asset management, data management and reporting. With DCIM software, enterprises can simplify capacity planning and resource allocation as well as ensure that power, equipment and floor space are used as efficiently as possible.

What is DMaaS?

Datacenter management as a service, or DMaaS, is a service that’s based on DCIM software. But it’s not simply a SaaS-delivered version of DCIM software. DMaaS takes data collection a step further: Equipment and device data is collected from scores of data centers, and then that data is anonymized, pooled and analyzed at scale.

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