Cultivating an app-first mentality in enterprise network management

Today’s enterprise relies heavily on applications for just about every business function, making it critical for administrators to have full visibility into networks to better manage traffic and application usage. With MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) networks, this level of visibility is virtually impossible because those networks weren’t designed with an application-first mentality, but that is changing with the implementation of software-defined networks (SDN).

Often, administrators don’t even know what apps are on their network or they know only what traffic comes in and out of their firewall/proxy servers. SDN, which replaces most network hardware with software-based controls, is providing transparency that administrators never had before, allowing them to steer application traffic to achieve the best performance.

MPLS limitations

MPLS networks were built in a narrowband era before the web, social media and hosted applications changed the nature of traffic. MPLS emphasized quality of service and interconnectivity more than visibility and control.

Today 79 percent of workloads are in the cloud, according to RightScale. Whereas network managers previously were tasked simply with creating the best environment for hub-and-spoke voice, video and data, today’s networks need to be reimagined with applications top-of-mind.

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