Cisco’s IWAN isn’t dead | Network World

Earlier this month, Cisco completed the acquisition of SD-WAN vendor Viptela, which it had announced in early May.

The companies’ recent news sparked several rumors about the fate of Cisco’s Intelligent WAN (IWAN), with publications writing such articles as “Is the End Near for Cisco’s IWAN?” and “Cisco’s Viptela acquisition could mean IWAN is dying or dead.” The content of the articles isn’t quite as aggressive as the headlines, but the articles have led to a number of misconceptions about what Cisco will do with its SD-WAN solution.

Cisco obviously has a massive install base of customers, particularly within the readership of Network World, so I thought it was important to write something that would help everyone understand what Cisco is doing — or not doing — with IWAN.

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Some of the speculation revolves around the thought that if Cisco now has Viptela, it no longer needs IWAN because they are both SD-WAN solutions. That might make sense from a high-level perspective, but the products do address different needs.

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