Cisco’s DevNet extends the value of its intent-based networking

Earlier this month, Cisco held a media and press event to launch its intent-based networking solution. To no surprise, its user event, Cisco Live 2017 was all about the network as Cisco looks to get customers to think more broadly about the role of the network in digital transformation.

Brandon Butler did a great follow-up post to mine that talked about why intent-based networking is a big deal. He called out a number of benefits, including streamlined operations and better security.

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One of the aspects of intent-based networking that flew under the radar, though, was the intersection of Cisco’s DevNet program and the network, brought together by Cisco’s programmable switches. For those of you who aren’t familiar with DevNet, it is Cisco’s developer environment designed to help its network engineers better work with a software-driven network and to enable application and infrastructure developers, as well as ISVs, leverage the network. 

As part of the intent-based networking launch, Cisco announced a new DNA Developer Center in DevNet that includes learning tracks, developer support, sample code and a complete sandboxed environment so developers can work with the new network switches without have to buy them and install them. This alone can save weeks of time and tens of thousands of dollars. 

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