Microsoft adds SMB support to retail outlets

Microsoft’s retail outlets, creatively known as Microsoft Store, has been its answer to the wildly successful Apple Stores that helped push a lot of Apple product into the hands of consumers, especially Macs.

Up to now, the more than 100 Microsoft Stores have been focused on the consumer market. However, Microsoft announced an expansion of the stores to include what it calls SMB Zones, providing small and mid-sized businesses with a chance to check out business-oriented products and technology and also get some consultations.

In addition, Microsoft is allowing its partners to use their own products and services along with Microsoft products.

Along with the launch of SMB Zones, Microsoft Stores have rolled out a new leasing program called “Accelerate Your Business,” designed to simplify the decision-making process in regard to device ownership lifecycle, warranty options, monthly repayments and the ability to trade in devices at the end of the lease. 

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