Top 5 InfoSec concerns for 2017

Cloudbleed, WannaCry, ransomware, hackers. Each and every day, it seems, the tech community wakes up to news of another attack on data security and privacy. As IT professionals, we spend our days working to the best of our knowledge and ability to keep company information secure. Some days, however, when news of new attacks hit, it can feel like we’ll never get ahead. As soon as we learn one method of protection, the hackers have invented a new workaround.

That’s why online community forums are so important in this day and age to avoid—and combat—high-level data security risks. When extensive continued education may not be on the books, you can turn to community experts poised to help guide you with best practices for security as well as information on the best new tools to protect information.

These online community forums offer raw and real insight into what’s really happening. While we can gather information on the latest tech trends and updates from news sources, we run the risk of being fed our data from sources who aren’t in the trenches with this technology. They can report on the effects and aftermath of ransomware, for example, but would need to bring in experts to speak to the public on how to combat these attacks. More tech-focused news sites and publications can be resources, but you either have to dig through content or wait for publication rollouts. The way I see it, why wait for a news anchor to tell you who is an expert in the field, when you can log onto a community and uncover hundreds of experts yourself? And why wait for a publication to produce a pretty piece on a timely topic like ransomware when the details you’re looking for can be found in numerous posts and questions in an online community?

I’ve spent my career working in InfoSec for large corporations and tech-focused companies, and I can tell you that these communities are invaluable for exploring and applying cutting-edge security measures to company data and processes. To prove that I’m not the only one who feels this way—and curious about Experts Exchange’s community interest in InfoSec issues—I dug into on-site traffic and behavior spanning the first four months of the year. Armed with this intelligence, our team is able to decipher what InfoSec topics are of the utmost concern.

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