Shadow Brokers reveal details about June monthly dump service: 100 Zcash (about $23k)

The Shadow Brokers revealed pricing and other details about its monthly dump service which kicks off in June. Subscribers of the dump of the month club will not be shelling out bitcoins, but a different cryptocurrency: 100 (ZEC) Zcash. At the time of publishing, 100 Zcash was equal to $23,251.

Over the weekend, the Shadow Brokers moved bitcoins worth about $24,000 to over 30 smaller wallets. The bitcoins had been received back when the group was trying to auction off the hacking tools. Mikko Hypponen noticed the change after an alert he set on their bitcoin wallet went off.

Regarding the change to Zcash, which purportedly includes “privacy enhancements provided by zero-knowledge proofs,” the Shadow Brokers are trying it out for the first month. Hypponen noted that Zcash deposits cannot be monitored. The group also noted, “Theoretically only party seeing payment info is theshadowbrokers and theshadowbrokers only seeing amount and encrypted memo field, no sending address.”

The Shadow Brokers are not claiming Zcash is safe and reliable. Instead, the group said if you care about losing over $20,000 then the service is not for you.

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