Netgear added data collection ‘feature’ to NightHawk R7000 routers; disable it

Netgear makes some popular routers, but do you really want the company behind your model of router to collect data such as your IP address and MAC address? If the answer is no, then you need to disable the ‘analytics’ data collection.

Netgear’s NightHawk R7000 router, dubbed as “best-selling” and “top-rated” router on Amazon, is now collecting users’ data. Not just Wi-Fi information, but also information about connected devices, MAC address and IP. The data collection was enabled in the latest firmware update.

A Slashdot user spotted the change after Netgear updated its data collection policy. A support article – “What router analytics data is collected and how is the data being used by Netgear? – states:

Technical data about the functioning and use of our routers and their WiFi network can help us to more quickly isolate and debug general technical issues, improve router features and functionality, and improve the performance and usability of our routers. Such data may include information regarding the router’s running status, number of devices connected to the router, types of connections, LAN/WAN status, WiFi bands and channels, IP address, MAC address, serial number, and similar technical data about the use and functioning of the router, as well as its WiFi network.

While some people don’t believe the information Netgear is collecting from the router and sending to its servers to be overly sensitive, others believe data like IP and MAC address don’t need to be collected at all. If you are a NightHawk R7000 owner in the latter camp, then you should disable the data collection.

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