Is single tenancy the fix for the Meltdown flaw?

As the fallout continues over the Meltdown and Spectre exploits in Intel and now some ARM processors, the issue of what to do about it is coming front and center. Clearly there is no fixing a silicon problem; Intel will have to adjust future chips to deal with it. So, for now, we have the software fixes.

Linux distros are rolling out fixes, and Microsoft has issue patches for Windows — although the threat to consumers is minimal. Apple has also issued a macOS fix.

The problem is these fixes are being hurried out thanks to Google publishing a virtual roadmap to the exploit. Google sat on it for seven months, but it was known only to Intel, ARM and AMD. The Linux guys were informed late, and as a result, they had to hurry their patches.

“This was a rushed set of kernel patches. There were little optimizations. This mitigates the exploits, but with a hammer. The question is how much performance can we get back with updates,” said Zac Smith, CEO of cloud provider Packet.

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