Hackers leak 8 unaired episodes of ABC’s Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV series

They’re back…

The Dark Overlord, the hacking group which released 10 of 13 new Orange Is the New Black episodes in late April after Netflix refused to pay a ransom, has now leaked nearly the entire first season of ABC’s upcoming Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

Back in April, TDO warned ABC, National Geographic, Fox and IFC that the group wasn’t playing games anymore. Then on June 2, TDO tweeted, “American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen.”

Two days later, on June 4, TDO announced its target was indeed ABC as it leaked the first eight episodes of ABC’s upcoming TV series Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. The series reportedly has 13 episodes. TDO tweeted a link to Pastein; that post reads:

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