Global cybercrime prosecution a patchwork of alliances

We don’t hear much about John Dillinger-style bank robberies these days, with exciting police chases to the state lines. In 2015, there were 4,091 traditional bank robberies in the US, according to the FBI, with an average loss of less than $4,000 per incident. No customers or bank employees were killed in any of these robberies, though eight would-be robbers were killed.

The clearance rate for traditional bank robberies is around 60 percent, while the proportion of criminals that escape could be even lower, if they commit more than one robbery — the FBI currently has fewer than 500 people on its list of wanted and unidentified bank robbers. In most cases, the FBI has a picture of them, and a description, posted on its website.

The combination of bank insurance, surveillance cameras and other security features, and national-level enforcement has made bank robberies not exactly a non-issue, but not something most people are worrying about.

But when it comes to protecting money from cyber criminals, we’re nowhere near there yet.

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