Forget signatures for malware detection. SparkCognition says AI is 99% effective  

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The notion of detecting malware by looking for malicious file signatures is obsolete. Depending on which source is cited, anywhere from 300,000 to one million new malware files are identified every day.

Kaspersky Lab says it finds 323,000 files daily, AV-TEST claims to discover more than 390,000 new malicious programs every day, and Symantec says it uncovers almost a million new threats per day. No matter how you count it, that’s a lot of malicious software being unleased into the wild day after day.

Most of these “new” files are actually clones of each other, with perhaps just one character that is different. Given that every digital file has a unique signature, this one character difference means that two otherwise identical files still have different signatures.

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