Facebook yanks video of cold-blooded murder, responds to ‘horrific crime’

In the age of livestreaming, you never know what you might see. Such was the case yesterday, on Easter Sunday, when 37-year-old Steve Stephens snapped, took an innocent man’s life and caused panic in Ohio.

Stephens, who claimed to be mad at his girlfriend, was driving around until he spotted a random stranger walking on the sidewalk. He said it was her fault that he was about to murder him. Stephens stopped his car, approached an elderly man, asked him to repeat the name of the woman and said she was the reason this was happening. Then he shot and killed the man.

74-year-old Robert Godwin was the man killed; he was walking home after having Easter dinner with his children.

Stephens was posting to Facebook Live, but the actual murder was a video uploaded from his phone instead of being broadcast live. Many places incorrectly reported that the murder was livestreamed, but the Cleveland Police did say the murder was broadcast on Facebook Live. Facebook, however, claimed that although Stephens had been livestreaming some, the actual murder was a recorded video that had been uploaded. That calls attention to Facebook’s content vetting process.

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