DDI is a critical component of IoT success

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has finally arrived, and businesses need to be prepared for a world where everything is connected.

I’m an analyst so I’ll support my proclamation that IoT is here with data: There are currently 25 billion internet-connected devices, and that will double by 2020 and then grow to 80 billion by 2025.

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However, there’s a more basic way of understanding where we are in the adoption cycle: IoT has become the norm, not the exception, according to companies I talk to. IT and business leader no longer look at me like I have three eyes when I say, “IoT.” In fact, in many conversations with them, the term IoT never comes up — yet they are connecting things. Companies are connecting more things because it makes their businesses run better, and over the next decade, this trend will accelerate.

For the network manager, though, IoT does present some new challenges — most notably around managing and securing a network that has an order of magnitude more devices. Network managers have their work cut out for them as the flood of new devices — both inside and outside the company walls — makes things significantly more complicated. Network professionals already struggle to manage the current set of connected endpoints, and IoT makes the job exponentially more difficult.

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