Crowdfunding campaign to buy stolen NSA hacking tools from Shadow Brokers

The idea of crowdfunding to raise enough money to buy NSA-linked hacking tools from the Shadow Brokers is picking up steam and making some people steam.

The price tag for getting hold of stolen Equation Group hacking tools is 100 Zcash. When I started the article about the Shadow Brokers revealing details about its June dump of the month subscription service, the cost of 100 Zcash was equal to $22,779. By the time I finished writing, it was equal to $23,251. As I start this article, 100 Zcash is equal to $24,128. By tomorrow, the first day to subscribe to the Shadow Brokers monthly dump service, Zcash will likely cost even more dollars. If you don’t have that kind of money, but want to partake in the spoils of the June dump, then maybe crowdfunding is the way to go?

At least that is what Hacker House’s Matthew Hickey and a security researcher gong by x0rz have proposed as the solution. They formed a Shadow Brokers Response Team, which a goal of “creating open and transparent crowd-funded analysis of leaked NSA tools” and launched a Patreon campaign to raise $25,000.

The campaign, dubbed “a harm reduction exercise,” states:

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