Area 1 Security stops phishing campaigns before they become attacks

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Anyone who has spent any amount of time trying to secure their organization’s endpoints or network would not be surprised to learn that phishing is now the #1 delivery vehicle for malware and ransomware.

According to Mandiant, phishing was used in about 95 percent of the cases of successful breaches where an attacker has been able to get into a target network and do something malicious. A phishing campaign is likely to have a 90 percent success rate—i.e., someone takes the bait—when the campaign is sent to 10 or more people.

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Wombat Security says 85 percent of organizations they surveyed reported being the victim of a phishing attack in 2015, and that figure increased 13 percent from the previous year. What’s more, two-thirds of the organizations they studied reported experiencing attacks that were targeted and personalized (i.e., spear phishing attacks), and that’s up 22 percent from the year before.  

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