LinuxCon: Q&A with inventor of, um, Microsoft PowerShell

Yes, the idea of sitting down with a Microsoft technical fellow at a Linux conference is still somewhat counterintuitive, but times have changed – Redmond is no longer the inimical enemy of all things open-source.


Jeffrey Snover, PowerShell creator

Quite the opposite, these days, Microsoft, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella, has begun to embrace open-source in a big way, releasing key software components like .NET as open-source, making its Azure cloud Linux-compatible, and acquiring companies that boost its presence in the open-source world.

The company’s latest move has been to open-source PowerShell, an automation framework used for administrative scripting, and release an alpha version for Linux. The creator, Jeffrey Snover, spoke to us Monday at LinuxCon North America in Toronto.

You’re the inventor of PowerShell, it’s your baby – any fears about opening it up for all the world to play with?

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