What 5G means for your business

This contributed piece has been edited and approved by Network World editors

The next generation of wireless technology is closer than you think. Over the past few years, a coalition of companies, industry associations and regulatory bodies from across the globe have been working together to advance the regulatory environment, develop and test 5G technologies and establish a broad ecosystem around infrastructure and device readiness.

In 2016, we saw massive progress in the development of key components like antennas and radio chipsets. Additionally, we’ve seen the validation of core mobility technologies – including handovers and multi-cell networking – and witnessed demonstrations of multi-Gbps data rates and low-latency performance. These innovations have brought us closer to a faster, more reliable, and more capable wireless future.

When that future arrives, 5G capabilities will revolutionize our wireless networks. Mobile users will experience networks an order of magnitude faster than what we have today. Thanks to sub-millisecond air latency, the network will feel instantly responsive while simultaneously supporting ten times as many devices at significantly lower power consumption profiles. These are the foundational requirements to enable the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT).

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