The Internet of (Living) Things: Tracking dairy cow eating habits

Consumer Physics is all about enabling people to get a better handle on their field, receiving dock or production line. The company offers the SCiO pocket-sized spectrometer, which enables farmers and agricultural organizations to analyze the makeup of the forage that dairy cows are grazing.

In the past there was a dual barrier to really taking action on this data—spectrometers were big and clunky and the data was disconnected from operational systems. But Consumer Physics is closing that loop by making the device smaller and connecting it to a smartphone application and the cloud.

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So, given this Internet of Things play, it is particularly interesting to hear that Cargill, a huge multinational in the food, agriculture, financial, and industrial products and services space is partnering with Consumer Physics to deliver a new joint offering: Reveal. Reveal is a real-time forage analysis service that puts the formerly hard to attain Cargill forage lab analysis in the palm of a hand.

The Internet of Living Things: The importance of tracking dairy cows

For those outside of the rural sector who think about dairy only as far as buying something from their local grocery store, this could seem like a pretty mundane deal. But cow’s milk is impacted both qualitatively and quantitatively by the food they eat. And given that, in the U.S. alone, millions of acres of land are farmed for feeding livestock, this is a big industry.

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