Samsung Galaxy S8: Leaks, rumors and fake news

Samsung will not be launch its new Galaxy flagship phone, the S8, next month at Mobile World Congress like it usually announces new Galaxy flagships. The launch is delayed until March 29.

The delay did not slow the January leaks, rumors and fake news about the new device, though, including leaked images showing the Galaxy S8 will have a USB C port, an almost bezel-less display and, OMG, a 3.5-inch jack that we may hear about every day in the news during the post-launch week because of the attention the iPhone 7 received for not having one.

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While the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco might question Samsung’s ability to make phones, the company has some of the best designers and engineers capable of creating a unique flagship S8, better than the S7, which will make iPhone users think about switching.

Because the S7 was a refinement of the S6, Samsung will probably change the Galaxy design language. Based on the photos and rumors, the change is an almost bezel-less, edge-to-edge 4K display with rounded edges—like the Galaxy Edge—available in small and large sizes, roughly 5 and 6 inches. Together with the added design changes of moving the fingerprint sensor to the back and removing the electro-mechanical home button, another two-year design language cycle will begin. The new design will also give the S8 a uniquely different and instantly identifiable appearance, boosting the brand and leading to more user upgrades and new users.

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