Refurbishing Samsung Note7s for resale is a ‘disastrous’ plan, analyst says

Just two days before Samsung’s launch of the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday, the company announced it will consider using some recalled Galaxy Note7 smartphones for re-sale as refurbished or as rental phones.

One analyst bashed the plan as “disastrous,” while another said Samsung is performing a “balancing act” following the Note7 fallout when some units overheated and caught fire.

Samsung also said in a statement on Monday that it could detach salvageable components from the Note7s for reuse. It may also extract metals like copper, gold, silver and nickel from the devices using environmentally friendly methods.

Some Note7s overheated and caught fire last year, leading to a global recall of more than 4 million devices at a cost of $6 billion to the company. The company came under fire at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February from Greenpeace over how Samsung planned to for recycle or dispose of the Note7s.

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