Raspberry Pi roundup: Free Googlage for all, jamming out on the Pi, and Deskberry Pi

I confess, I don’t receive the MagPi magazine – which is a shame for a print enthusiast like myself, because it looks like a handsome and skillfully made publication. It’s also a shame because I could have received a new AIY projects kit from Google, which would have let me add voice recognition and AI capabilities to the Raspberry Pi projects that I am definitely going to get started on one of these days.

Issue 57 of MagPi comes with the aforementioned add-on board, which is a joint project of Google and the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It’s probably the simplest way yet to add voice recognition to Pi projects, though it’s far from the only one, of course. You can use Google’s voice recognition API with your own hardware, you can wire it up to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant – suffice it to say, there are options.

+ALSO ON NETWORK WORLD: Here’s how Google is preparing Android for the AI-laden future + Google’s the latest to take on IoT management headaches

I was thinking it would be fun to make something spectacularly useless with a kit like this – RFIDing all my clothes and then asking “OK Google, how many pairs of socks are left in my drawer?” for example – but others will likely come up with much more meaningful and practical uses for the AIY kit.

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