Qualcomm/Facebook gigabit Wi-Fi field trials to start in 2019

How should a company develop when its growth is dependent on availability of internet? Build out the internet is probably the answer. And that’s just what Facebook intends to do.

The social network has just nabbed Qualcomm to help build its 2016-announced 60GHz urban Wi-Fi network, says Qualcomm. The chip maker recently announced that that the companies intend to start trials of the high-speed broadband solution sometime around mid-2019.

“This terrestrial connectivity system aims to improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of internet connectivity around the world at only a fraction of the cost of fiber,” Qualcomm says in its release.

The QCA6438 and QCA6428 family of chipsets will be used on the pre-802.11ay Wi-Fi standard using unlicensed millimeter frequencies. The trials, based on backhaul technology (802.11ay is geared towards backhaul) will operate in millimeter 60GHz spectrum and will be aimed at ultimately providing copious Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband to customers in cities.

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