Mist uses AI to improve wireless network performance

A couple of months ago I was having dinner with a fairly well-known Silicon Valley executive who predicted that success for an IT vendor is based on two things: having lots of data and a robust artificial intelligence (AI) engine to discover new insights.

If that is true, then Mist Systems seems to be in a strong position, as the company’s solutions were designed to use AI to solve some of the bigger challenges in Wi-Fi today.

This week the wireless network company announced several new access points, as well as use cases, for its solution. Specifics are as follows:

Introduction of client service-level expectations (SLE)

In telecommunications, the concept of a service-level agreement (SLA) is a threshold that service providers are contracted to meet. The SLE from Mist is similar, although more proactive than a carrier’s SLA. With Mist, administrators can use data to set, monitor and enforce things that impact performance pre and post connection. Examples of this are time to connect, failed connection attempts, roaming, coverage, capacity and AP uptime. The SLEs can be monitored in real time and watched over time to provide up-to-the minute insight as to the health of Wi-Fi.

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