Low-heat radios could replace cable links in data centers

Future 5G-based wireless networking equipment and data center equipment will combine antennas and the corresponding radio guts into one microprocessor unit, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology say.

Integrating all of the wireless elements that one needs in a radio will reduce waste heat and allow better modulation, according to the group, which has been working on a one-chip, multiple transmitter and receiver package design. Longer transmission times and better data rates will result, they say.

“Within the same channel bandwidth, the proposed transmitter can transmit six- to ten-times higher data rate,” says Hua Wang, an assistant professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in a news article on the university’s website about the idea.

The design they’ve been working on would be particularly suitable for the millimeter bands that will be used in later 5G, they say. That’s because large numbers of elements could be combined — multiple antennas and radios will be good for propagating the tiny frequencies. Putting them all together with the minimum of connections would introduce efficiencies needed.

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