iPhone 8 Rumor Rollup: thrown for a curve, glass crack clues & 3D sensing

iPhone 8 rumors can become a snooze when they focus too much on the inside of Apple’s anticipated next flagship smartphones, but this week most of the scuttlebutt is thankfully centered around the shiny new display.

Rumor fans also seemed excited to have a new source of information rather than the usual suspects (we’ll get to them later…) 

A TrendForce of Nature

Market watcher TrendForce created a stir on Tuesday by releasing a report in which it says, based on information from the supply chain, Apple won’t have a curved AMOLED display after all in its next flagship iPhone (so that’s one area where Apple might not match or surpass what Samsung is doing with its phones, like the Galaxy S7 Edge). The expected 5.8-inch iPhone will still have an energy-efficient and bright AMOLED screen, but production issues have forced Apple to hold off on the curved design, according to the report. “Thus, the next high-end iPhone is expected to have the same 2.5D glass for display cover as the current models,” TrendForce says. 

TrendForce reinforces rumored advances for the 10th anniversary iPhone, such as the removal of the physical home button. A virtual functions area is expected to take its place, perhaps providing a similar experience to that found with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, which morphs depending upon which applications are being used.

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