Guest Wi-Fi access should always be ‘easy, peasy’

My kids use the expression “easy, peasy” to describes something that is super simple. For example, I might ask my youngest child, “How was your math test?” And because high school math is beyond simple, he would respond, “Easy, peasy.” In life, there are things that should be easy, but we often overcomplicate them. 

One thing that should be easy every time is signing on to guest Wi-Fi. The fact that it isn’t, makes it one of my biggest pet peeves.

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Before I get into the why, I’ll take a step back and define guest Wi-Fi. Webopedia describes it as “a wireless router feature that is designed to allow users to easily grant visitor access to your wireless Internet connection.” Not to nitpick, but it’s more a Wi-Fi feature than a router feature, but most readers of this will get that. Also, note the word EASY in the definition, so all you Wi-Fi administrators out there, take note. 

In my job as an analyst, I visit lots of companies and have seen the full gamut of ways to offer guest access. Some companies just have open access on a network and a Wi-Fi SSID that is obvious to find (like GUEST NETWORK). Other companies have a secured network and have placards all over the place with an easy-to-remember password printed on it. 

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