Expand Wi-Fi quickly, easily with Aerohive’s wall plate

In many industries, it’s critical to get Wi-Fi everywhere, but it can often be difficult accomplish this. For example, extending a hotel comprised of smaller cottage-type rooms or one with lots of suites has many hard to reach places with traditional access point (AP) placement. Dorm rooms or hospitals typically want Wi-Fi everywhere, but it’s often difficult to provision it because of interference from thick walls or other infrastructure. 

One possible solution is to put an AP in every room, but that can get prohibitively expensive given the cost of APs and the expense of running new cables to every location.

Another option has been the growing number of “wall plate” APs where the existing wall plate is removed and an AP in the form factor of a wall plate is connected into the existing Ethernet cable, bringing Wi-Fi to that location.

Aerohive AP150W wall plate features

This week Aerohive launched its own version of the wall plate AP with the introduction of the AP150W. As I mentioned before, there are a number of these on the market, but most are designed for basic Wi-Fi connectivity. Aerohive loaded the product up with the following features:

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