Everything is built to connect to the internet, so why can’t I?

It’s a great time to be in networking. Anytime we connect an object or an experience to the network, we change its nature and increase its value. The network effect of connecting more and more things in more ways is driving exponential benefit to the pioneers who are imagining the many new possibilities. The voice-controlled home assistant, connected car, connected spare bedroom and other innovations are early examples that we already take for granted.

The age of the network is here. This means the network gets built into every product and service, and that requires the network to be everywhere and you can connect to it all the time. Mobile has gotten pretty darn good in recent years. Unless, of course, you’re on a certain floor or in a certain area of a large building. Dead zones still occur regularly behind commercial-grade walls and energy-efficient windows.

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If you’re the person responsible for making sure there is useful connectivity in every corner of an office building, hotel, shopping mall, public venue or university (or if you’re someone who needs to use it), high-quality connectivity is critical. And if your organization is one of the many driving new value through the power of network connections embedded into your products and user experiences, then usable connectivity at all times is fundamental to your company’s success.

Thankfully, shared spectrum, recently opened by the FCC, has paved the way to extend LTE coverage in a way similar to your existing wireless network. No licensed spectrum ownership required. There’s more capacity than today’s Wi-Fi. And it’s open and ready to reach multiple mobile operators on one access network.

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