Digital transformation: How inline photo systems drive business value

When it comes to rock-solid proof of responsibility or fault, few pieces of evidence are as useful—or indisputable—as a photograph. That’s why restaurants, auto insurers, apartment management companies and health inspectors take millions of  photographs every year. In case of a dispute or lawsuit they want to mitigate their risk by being able to prove they were in compliance with all relevant laws and codes.

Despite the value of photographs, however, most companies haven’t integrated image management into their IT systems. This not only makes it difficult, if not impossible, to provide potentially exculpatory evidence, but it is also a significant barrier to establishing formal protocols for using photographs in existing inspection workflows.

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This happens every day in just about every industry: A man falls down a flight of stairs and claims it was due to a loose tile or a wet floor. A health inspector walks into a restaurant right after a spill and doesn’t believe the floors are usually kept dry. A driver misplaces the snapshots she took of her car after an accident and now has no way to prove who was at fault.

It’s hard to overstate the value of reliable access to images. Avoiding liability is just one way inline photographs save business owners money. Photographs can be used to show proper procedures were followed when constructing a new building or renovating an existing one, to ensure a restaurant is up to code, to document damage in a rental apartment, and many other key business processes.

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