Digital businesses need a smarter network edge

As the world has become more cloud- and IoT-centric, the network has increased in value. That is why there has been so much focus on network evolution, particularly in the data center and the wide area network.

One part of the network that has lagged in innovation, however, is the network edge. Over the years, the edge of the network has been considered by many to be a commodity. And for many businesses, it is in dire need of a refresh. I’ve talked to some organizations that are running network edge infrastructure that’s approaching 10 years old and haven’t even had a software upgrade in years.

The network edge needs to evolve

However, in the words of the esteemed song writer Bob Dylan, “The times, they are a changing” — and so is the role of the network edge.

Many of the digital building blocks, such as cloud computing, wireless, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are distributed compute paradigms, so the edge plays a more important role. In fact, we live in a world now where new devices are being connected at a furious rate, and almost all of these connect at the network edge over a wired or wireless connection.

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