Capriza touts its mobile-first strategy for the enterprise

Enterprise software, where hopes and dreams go to die. And where new employees are unceremoniously pulled into a new reality—that the tools they use in their day-to-day lives as consumers are a world apart from the tools they’re expected to use in their working lives.

But whereas it used to be a case of employees simply putting up and shutting up, increasingly employees are powerful advocates and potential change-makers—and organizations need to be ready to respond to their needs with tools that aren’t so abysmal to use.

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Of course, the traditional enterprise vendors, such as Oracle and SAP, realize this change is coming and are trying their hardest to deliver more user-friendly interactions. But as Clayton Christensen explained in his seminal book, The innovator’s Dilemma, this isn’t such an easy change to effect.

That is where products such as Capriza come in. Capriza isn’t about moving enterprise customers onto new platforms; its about wrapping those legacy applications to make them mobile-ready. In essence, Capriza create contextual mobile applications that talk back to those big, clunky core systems. And in Capriza’s case, it enables the “mobilization” of workflows without any coding, APIs or integration.

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