Aruba co-founder: We want to live on the edge

Tech companies of every stripe are staking their claim to the internet of things, and networking vendors like Aruba are no exception. But to hear co-founder and president Keerti Melkote tell it, his company’s pitch might have a little more heat on it than others.

Aruba’s IoT credentials are based on a relatively simple premise – by definition, IoT devices have to be on the network, and they’re one of the bigger fish in that particular pool.

The company has a lot of experience in onboarding devices – hard-won during the era of BYOD, covering provisioning, credentials, privilege levels and monitoring – which translates well to the world of IoT, particularly given the urgent need to secure those devices.

“Security for IoT is the number one issue right now,” Melkote said in an interview. A lot of what makes up enterprise IoT – as opposed to consumer IoT or industrial IoT – is smart building tech, including physical security, lighting, HVAC and more. These are areas traditionally owned by the facilities section of a business, not IT.

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