Apple iOS 10.3 beta 1 packs a wallop; iOS 11 rumors heat up

The flashy projected features of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X?) are dominating the Apple rumor mill of late, but let’s not overlook the iOS software on the inside. Developers this week gained access to iOS 10.3 beta 1, even as iOS 11 rumors heated up.

If you have an Apple Developer account you can go ahead and grab iOS 10.3 beta 1 now, but if not, here’s what developers will be dabbling with (BGR shares the release notes here). The public will gets its chance to experience the new iOS features for iPhones and iPads in the weeks or months to come.

Addressing the much joked about issue of how to track down your lost AirPods (your lost $159 AirPods!), Apple will enable iPhone and iPad users to enlist the Find My iPhone app for the job. The last device to be used with the wireless earbuds can be made to crank out a loud sound.

MORE: Conan’s take on Apple’s AirPods: Wireless. Expensive. Lost.

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