App time! Rounding up two new mobile and desktop apps

The main goal of the column has always focused on gizmos and gadgets, but on occasion I still discover some non-gizmo goodies – aka software or apps. So here are two quick apps that have spent some time on my phone and computer:

Moodelizer: If you’ve always wanted to add a soundtrack to your mobile phone videos, but didn’t want to take the time to grab some royalty-free music and open up a video editor after the fact, Moodelizer should help. Think of this app like an Instagram filter, but for audio. The app provides you with a selection of audio clips, with names like “Arcade, Sitcom, Horror, Bride, Cartoon, etc.” A box that takes up the majority of the screen lets you film from either of the phone’s camera (rear camera or ‘selfie’ camera). When you choose your audio style, a button inside the box lets you choose different zones within the camera frame – when you move around, you get a different sound as part of the “soundtrack”. You can rehearse what you want to do, or you can tap a button and start recording.

The hardest part is figuring out what exactly to shoot in this manner. If you don’t have a lot of audio already in your clip (like you’re on a mountain and shooting the vista, or if you’re shooting your child’s gymnastic routine), then adding a soundtrack makes sense. If you’re filming an interview or something where your subject needs to talk, it’s a bit trickier. But if you’re stuck for ideas, just give the app to your kids or just start filming them, they’ll give you some other inspiration. Here’s a quick one that I recorded in the office:

One quick warning – you can hear the audio while you’re recording, and so can all of the subjects you’re filming. If you’re filming your boss during a company meeting and using the cartoon category, he might notice.

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