5G won’t cope, terahertz will provide more bandwidth

Terahertz data links promise significant advantages over existing microwave-based wireless data transmissions, and the technology will ultimately beat out the upcoming 5G millimeter frequencies if progress continues on it, researchers say.

The reason for the optimism is that terahertz is more capacious than existing radio bands. It’s also less power hungry, and new technical advances are being made in it.

The latest terahertz-level advance, announced this week by scientists at Brown University, is the ability to bounce the mega-bandwidth-carrying waves of energy around corners. Quashing that line-of-sight requirement introduces a level of robustness not seen before.

“I think moving into terahertz frequencies will be the future of wireless communications,” says Shaghik Atakaramians, an optical engineer who is part of a separate, multi-university Australian group developing a new, magnetism-based platform for the radiation-based terahertz technology. She was quoted in a press release this week related to a paper his group published in APL Photonics.

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