Why hybrid cloud is the future of enterprise IT

As cloud computing continues to generate a huge amount of buzz and interest over its future, another phenomenon is gaining investor’s and developer’s interest with promises to upend the future of enterprise IT. Hybrid cloud tech, which has only recently come into its own, is increasingly being recognized as the cash-cow of the future. But what exactly is this tech, and is it worth all the hubbub it’s garnered?

A quick look at today’s hybrid cloud tech shows that the attention it’s drawn to itself is entirely warranted; the idea behind it may not be new, but recent advancements in computing have enabled it to truly thrive in the marketplace for the first time, and it could very well be on the verge of redefining modern computing. So what exactly is the future of hybrid cloud, and how close is it to taking off?

A more equitable market

Today’s market, which moves at dizzying paces and seems to churn out innovative new technologies on an almost daily basis, is more equitable in terms of access to technology than ever before. Massive transnational corporations and small, ambitious startups alike have driven the recent explosion of investment in tech largely because, for the first time, they all have equal (or at least more equal) access to advanced computing and large amounts of useful data.

In order to build on this trend and grow even further, tomorrow’s market will need greater computing capabilities. That’s where hybrid cloud computing comes into play; when stating a business, companies which cannot afford the latest, flashiest hardware and software can rely on hybrid solutions to bring them the best and most cost-effective solutions without having to replace their entire IT infrastructure.

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