When will your company ditch its data centers?

Agility and speed are of paramount importance for most organizations as they try to innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition. The need for flexibility and rapid scalability is driving more and more companies into the cloud, as traditional data centers are no longer proving to be competitive, agile or robust enough.

It should come as no surprise that Cisco predicts 94 percent of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers by 2021. But deciding when to take the leap, weighing the costs and risks, and developing a successful strategy is easier said than done. Let’s take a closer look at why companies are ditching those data centers and how they can make the transition as smooth as possible.

The push of traditional data center costs

Traditional data centers are enormously expensive to maintain. To set one up you need to find a suitable space and then fit it out with everything from uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to cooling HVAC units that keep servers from overheating, not to mention extensive investments in storage and networking equipment.

All of that comes before you consider the cost of hiring data center personnel with the right expertise to keep things running. These are employees outside your core competency, required just to keep your infrastructure working. Then there’s the ongoing energy costs of maintaining the data center and dealing with maintenance.

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