What Larry, Moe and Curly can teach us about network security and SD-WAN agility

In comedy, unexpected actions make for good fun. The pratfalls. The eye pokes. But in networking, the unexpected is hardly funny. And yet it was the antics of the Three Stooges that came to mind as I reviewed the results of Cato Networks’ latest networking survey.

The survey canvassed more than 700 enterprise IT buyers from around the globe about the drivers and challenges facing their networking and security deployments. What we observed serves as a promise and warning for anyone considering SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is supposed to be the answer to network complexity. And like any good slapstick setup, we can almost see how SD-WAN meets that objective. As an overlay aggregating traffic from MPLS, broadband and any other underlying data transport, SD-WAN hides the complexity of a building a network from multiple data transports. Policies provide the intelligence for SD-WAN to select the optimum network for each application freeing IT from making those calculations and changes manually, if that was even possible.

But here’s the thing, SD-WAN only simplifies networks if we don’t consider the rest of today’s enterprise. Add in threat protection for securing branch offices and private backbones for ensuring predictable application delivery, and complexity becomes a major challenge for today’s SD-WANs.

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