Welcome to the edge era: where a second lost on the network has insurmountable consequences

The next great leap forward in progress will be marked by an exponential growth in connection and connectivity. As sensors become smaller and more energy efficient, mobile devices become more capable and our networks become more robust, industries as disparate as healthcare, transportation, education, government and entertainment will find opportunities for new efficiencies, new ways of interacting with consumers and transformative approaches to serving their communities.

In short, advancements in network technology are helping us achieve great things. We’re seeing the well documented benefits of agility, reliability and performance of networks in healthcare, where wireless networks are supporting complex EHR systems and M2M communications are delivering moment-to-moment information on patient status and improving health outcomes. There’s also been an emergence of new educational (and job) opportunities provided via emerging eSports programs in K-12 and higher education settings.

All of this is reliant on strong networks and robust infrastructures designed to handle data from countless wireless and wired endpoints. And the most exciting areas of progress can be found at the network edge.

The network edge is the point where an organization and its customers meet. It is where users engage, mobile transactions occur and IoT devices connect and are managed. It is the first line of defense against cyber-security attacks and the go-to place to get a pulse on the business. The edge is a new frontier where every second counts. Considering the examples above, the technologies functioning in hospitals and smart cities can’t afford a moment of delay when something goes wrong. Furthermore, hardware makers have predicted one billion 5G subscriptions by 2023 – introducing the imminent need for a much faster network able to power emerging technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and more.

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